Clean Water Act: Tennessee Riverkeeper

MSNBCs Rachel Maddow:
Clean Water Act? What Clean Water Act...

Pure Raw Sewage in Cumberland River: Vic Scoggin

Tennessee Toxic Spill Woes


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"Domestic animals contaminate recreational waters and drinking-water sources with excreta and pathogens..."

"Domestic animals contaminate recreational waters and drinking-water sources with excreta and pathogens..."

"Buckling under the pressure of the heaving floodwaters, the 33-year-old city-operated K.R. Harrington facility in Donelson was out of commission. That left Metro's seemingly ageless Omohundro facility, which has been in operation since 1929, to provide Nashvillians with their water."

"Though Omohundro survived and Harrington got back online after several weeks, a year later the question remains: Are two public facilities sufficient for a city the size of Nashville?"

"The U.S. Justice Department recently sent a confidential memo to the city of Nashville demanding changes to the pollution level of the Cumberland River."

"The letter stated, 'This is to notify you that the EPA has requested that the U.S. Department of Justice initiate an enforcement action in federal court alleging violations of the Clean Water Act.'"

"Sources told NewsChannel 5 the violation centered on sewer and wastewater overflow that spilled into the Cumberland River."

"Several American cities are struggling to maintain their aging water systems, and Nashville, Tenn. is one of them. Karl Dean, the city's new mayor, says Nashville needs more than $500 million for capital improvements to its century-old water and sewer system."

"The question is it's older and as a city east of the Mississippi River, some of our water and sewer infrastructure dates to the 1800s."

"For years the Holt family has spoken out about the toxins flowing from the Dickson Landfill."

"The family said toxins from the landfill have seeped into their well water. As a result, the family has experienced a number of health problems. 'I think people should stand up and take back their health, take back their communities,' said Sheila Holt-Orsted. 'We have four generations that have been affected by this one company and their greed.'"

"All told, more than 62 million Americans have been exposed since 2004 to drinking water that did not meet at least one commonly used government health guideline..."

"In some cases, people have been exposed for years to water that did not meet those guidelines."

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